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When Dr. Anna-Theresa Bauer was fifteen years old, fat pads developed on her thighs and hips. The development of these fat pads was not only to lead to a weight gain as a result of puberty. No matter what Anna-Theresa ate, how little she ate or how much she trained, the fat just kept growing and didn't stop.

As an adult, Anna-Theresa faced the challenge of finally figuring out why she couldn't stop the fat. For this she took up the study of medicine and is currently in the end of the specialist training as a plastic-aesthetic surgeon. In the course of her medical studies, Anna-Theresa specialized in research into the still relatively unexplored disease picture Lipoedema and is now one of the few leading experts in the world.

What Dr. Anna-Theresa Bauer discovered, she has liberated-and now she wants to share this gained freedom with you, if you are also affected by Lipoedema. Because this rapid and pronounced increase in fat was never self-inflicted by unhealthy or excessive diet or little exercise-no-cause was a disease called lipoedema, and like millions of other women in the world, Dr. Anna-Theresa Bauer had no idea That such a disease exists at all.

If you are a woman whose weight increases the bottom body, no matter what you do, you might actually suffer from lipoedema. I struggle with passion against this disease and describe in my book How I personally dealt with the disease picture. I have defeated this disease and I want to encourage you with this book and help you, too, to overcome this disease.


About the Autor

Anna-Theresa Bauer is a German-trained medical doctor specializing in plastic surgery and nutrition. Since she discoved, that she suffers from the disease Lipedema, she has committed herself to learning more about the causes and possible Treatments of Lipedema. She was herself lipedema patient, she is a world leader in the exploration of Lipödems and finds ways to help women thrive despite the diagnosis of this little-known disease. In addition to her experimental studies on the pathology of this disease, she is currently developing holistic treatment options to provide patients with the best possible medical treatment for the existing lipoedema.

Dr. Anna-Theresa Bauers will be happy to help you deal with this disease-through an understanding conversation, a diagnosis, advice on diet and exercise, up to the recommendation of the most competent specialists for a lasting successful and gentle Liposuction.

Under ISBN 978-1986842013 you can order my book from April 2018 on at Amazon and find out more.

The translated version in German will follow shortly.

I hope my book will help you in living with the disease!